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Adaptodrol Review

Like any product that ends in “drol,” Adaptodrol is named to sound like it is some kind of steroid or prohormone. In reality, it’s not. Instead, it’s a formula made from all-natural ingredients that is supposedly designed to boost levels testosterone safely without using any banned or illegal substances. Many formula’s like this one have hit the shelves since the prohormone ban of 2009 but can Adaptodrol really fill the void they left behind? Let’s find out.

What is in Adaptodrol?

Aside from some B and D vitamins, Adaptodrol’s main formula is made from D-Aspartic Acid (DAA), Protease, Calcium Fructate, and Banaba Extract. Of all these compounds, the only one that has been proven to boost testosterone is DAA, but even then, those studies only used animal subjects. There are reports of a study conducted by Betancourt Nutritional floating around out there that claims 3 grams of DAA can boost testosterone in just under 2 weeks but since this study was carried out by the company that sells Adaptodrol, we are forced to question the objectivity in their results. From our research, there have been very few studies done on DAA among humans that were conducted by trustworthy third parties.

As far as the other ingredients, there is even less evidence for testosterone boosting. Protease is decent at increasing protein synthesis and should help your body make better use of amino acids though Adaptodrol has none. Calcium Fructate has pretty much zero research to back its use for anything. Banaba Extract has been tested in several studies, but not for its testosterone application. Instead, Banaba is commonly used for treating diabetes and for weight loss. This might help a bodybuilding supplement provide more sculpting and defining power but it won’t build muscle or manipulate hormones in any way.


With the lack of unbiased clinical research to support Adaptodrol, we cannot recommend trying it. Until there is more research conducted among human subjects DAA is still a gamble. We suggest making a safer investment on supplements already proven to get the job done.

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