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2TX Review

Do you have low energy and diminished sex drive? Max Muscle designed 2TX to treat the underlying problem — low testosterone.

Testosterone levels decline naturally over time, and 2TX is supposed to naturally increase them again. The product’s official website — — even claims this supplement has clinically proven testosterone-boosting ingredients.

What Are the Ingredients?

“The key ingredients in 2TX have been shown in human clinical trials to increase free (unbound and bioavailable) testosterone by 98%,” says the website. This claim is not only specific, it’s very significant. Interest piqued; I began researching the formula to see if the claim is true.

Testafuranol is a patented ingredient made from tribulus alatus. It releases luteinizing hormones, which prompt sex-hormone glands to secrete testosterone. When rats consumed Testafuranol, their free testosterone levels increased dramatically.[1] The body uses free testosterone to build muscle, enhance sex drive, and reduce body fat. Other testosterone is bound and unusable.

Testofen contains steroid saponins, which stimulate muscle growth and boost testosterone production.[2] During one study, men taking Testofen experienced increases in muscle strength, and total and free testosterone levels. Their workouts improved and body fat decreased as well.[3]

Maslinic Acidmay increase muscle mass and protein synthesis, according to research. However, the study involved trout, so it’s not clear whether maslinic acid benefits humans.[4]

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate enhances hormone production and secretion. In addition, the amino acid preserves muscles and decreases breakdown. A clinical study showed men had higher testosterone levels and stronger muscles when they took L-carnitine L-tartrate before exercise.[5]

Alpha Lipoic Acid has powerful antioxidant abilities. Antioxidants defend cells from toxins, which cause damage and increase cancer risk. One study showed alpha lipoic acid improves testicular function, which indirectly boosts testosterone production.[6]

Chrysin improves testosterone biosynthesis in Leydig cells. This was proven during a study involving mice, but human research is needed.[7] Another study showed chrysin is a powerful aromatase-inhibitor.[8]

3,4 Divanillyltetrahydrofuran is a natural lignan, like those found in flax seeds. According to researchers, it stops sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) from binding to testosterone.[9] If SHBG binds testosterone, the hormone becomes useless.

White Button Mushroom suppresses aromatase activity.[10] Aromatase is an enzyme which converts testosterone into estrogen. So, not only do testosterone levels decrease, estrogen counters testosterone’s benefits. Testosterone burns fat; estrogen stores it. Testosterone enhances sex drive; estrogen muffles it.

Green Tea burns fat, regulates blood sugar, suppresses cravings, and lowers cholesterol.[11] It also contains antioxidants, which protect and repair cells, and slow the aging process.

The Research

The official website made my job of researching 2TX very easy because it provides 13 study references. The only ingredient without a reference was green tea. But this ingredient has been studied extensively, so I easily found research.

Very few companies support their claims by showing research, so I give them props when they do. Plus, I feel more confident in products and companies that use research.

Suggested Usage

The 2TX bottle holds 90 gelatin capsules and each serving is 3 capsules. The supplement contains 3 proprietary blends, which don’t disclose individual dosages. Only these totals are shown:

• Vitamin C – 80 mg
• Testosterone Modulator Complex – 660 mg
• Androgen Receptor Responses Complex – 350 mg
• SHBG and Anti-Aromatase Complex – 350 mg

The company suggests taking 3 capsules in the morning and 3 more capsules 6-8 hours later. Because they don’t show dosages, I’m not sure if 3-6 capsules contain safe, effective amounts.

Take 2TX on an empty stomach with 8 oz. water. You’ll get the best results by exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet while using 2TX.

What Do Users Say About 2TX?

Since 2TX was launched back in 2011, I expected to find many reviews. But the most I found were 6 reviews on The average rating these users gave was 3.2 out of 5 stars. Here are quotes from each review:

“I didn’t get huge muscles but I was able to bounce back faster after working out and I was never sore.” – Garage King (5/5 stars)

“I noticed a huge difference when I’m using 2TX…My complaint about it is that it upsets the tummy once in a while.” – Enrique Munoz Ramirez (4/5 stars)

“It’s been over 2 months…So far can’t really say I feel any real difference in anything.” – Nytq (3/5 stars)

“After going through one bottle, I didn’t feel any results; no changes in energy levels, stamina, etc.” – R. Zaring (3/5 stars)

“Noticed nothing after a bottle and too expensive to keep buying more.” – Ronny (2/5 stars)

“I couldn’t tell any difference…other than my wallet was lighter.” – Geno T. (2/5 stars)

Where to Buy 2TX is the only place to buy 2TX online. The bottle costs $67.06 and shipping is free. The seller doesn’t display a return policy, so I doubt you’ll be able to return 2TX.

Max Muscle only sells 2TX in their stores. Visit the official website to find a store using “Store Locator.”

Is 2TX Worth Buying?

2TX may be able to boost testosterone, but I don’t know about a 98% increase. The studies the company provides don’t prove any 2TX ingredient boosts testosterone this much. Plus, most ingredients were tested on animals not men.

Since proprietary blends are used, I can’t determine if 2TX contains safe, effective dosages.

I’m not sure why there aren’t more reviews, but the few reviews I found weren’t encouraging. The users weren’t very impressed with 2TX and 4/6 said it didn’t work at all.

2TX is better than testosterone supplements without research, but there are better options. I recommend you continue searching.


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