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By: Jake

Over the past 50 years, athletes of all ages have benefited from the muscle-building effects of creatine and creatine-based supplements.

That said, there are several different forms of creatine, just as there are different forms of protein. And like protein, some forms of creatine have proven to be more effective and efficient than others.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at one creatine-based supplement in particular, called Myoswell. Made by a company called XPI, Myoswell has been formulated with a special form of creatine that XPI has engineered themselves.

But how “special” is the creatine found in Myoswell, and does it really give this product an edge over its competition?

What’s The Hype Surrounding Myoswell?

Now then, speaking of this special creatine found in Myoswell, XPI has given it the name of Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine.

According to XPI, Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine has one specific advantage over your regular creatine molecule – it is more readily absorbent. Because of its absorbent nature, Kre-Alkalyn® is fed into muscle cells in much larger amounts and much faster compared to other forms of creatine.

Further, you won’t get the “bloating” effect that you often see on many bodybuilders who use creatine-based supplements while using Myoswell. This is due to the fact that Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine retains much less water compared to your average creatine molecule.

In summary, the hype surrounding Myoswell is all due to this patented form of creatine found in its blend. Because of Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine, Myoswell claims to be a step ahead of its competition in regards to how effectively and efficiently it works.

Does Myoswell Really Work?

So we know that their is obviously a lot of enthusiasm surrounding Myoswell and this new form of creatine known as Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine.

But how warranted is all this enthusiasm?

For starters, although Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine has been clinically studied and proven to work, the study was most likely led by a team of scientists and experts who either work for XPI or who have ties to the company.

As such you can’t fully trust the credibility of the results garnered from the clincial study performed on Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine.

On the flip side and to the credit of XPI, Myoswell’s blend consists of much more than just Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine.

In addition to Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine, you’ll also find that Myoswell contains a number of all-natural ingredients which are known for their muscle-enhancing capabilities, including:

Cinnamon – Studies have shown that cinnamon is, surprisingly, a potent fat burner that can speed up a body’s metabolism while reducing fat and increasing lean muscle gain.

Arginine AKG – Otherwise known as Arginine Alpha-KetoGlutarate, this ingredient has the ability to enhance Nitric Oxide (NO) production. In turn, NO has the unique capability to increase blood flow and the speed at which nutrients are delivered to muscle cells by dilating and relaxing muscle.

As you can tell, Myoswell is not just a one-trick pony. Rather, it contains a well-rounded blend of ingredients that are all capable of increasing muscle gain.

Is Myoswell Worth Trying?

In conclusion, if Kre-Alkalyn® Creatine were the only recognizable ingredient found in this product, then we would have most certainly given this product a questionable rating.

But because Myoswell’s blend does contain more substance and depth that we first conceived, we’ve decided that its worth a second look and consideration if you’re currently searching for a creatine-based supplement to use.

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