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By: Jake

Myonox is sold as a powerful pre workout supplement meant for only the most dedicated bodybuilders who are ready to “get ripped” and maximize muscle while increasing mental focus for the best total body workout possible. Myonox supposedly increases muscle mass in days instead of weeks turning your body into a “muscle building machine.”

Myonox names a few basic matrices, hoping that you will see things their way of course. But what does all of this add up to?

Nitric Oxide Cell Volumizing Matrix

This particular matrix uses ingredients such as arginine AKG and citrulline malate, all of which have been clinically proven to either increase or supplement healthy nitric oxide levels. When nitric oxide hits the muscles, it helps you to increase energy while surrounding and protecting your muscles, even spreading essential nutrients throughout the body.

Myonox also happens to use glutamine in its nitric oxide matrix, which boosts metabolism and improves overall performance. So while not directly connected to nitric oxide per say, it does essentially the same thing, and it can help you to increase the production of growth hormone, which is actually more effective at muscle building.

Muscle Volumizing Creatine Matrix

The second matrix may sound a lot like the first, at least initially. It works to increase energy delivery, prevents sore muscles, etc. But it does this by using creatine, which happens to be a naturally occurring chemical in the body. But creatine was the first, and many still believe creatine to be a more reliable choice. Whether or not this is actually true, it still stands to reason that creatine is a vital part of any good program.

Mind Stimulating Matrix

Comprised of taurine and l-tyrosine, Myonox can increases mental energy, improve focus, enhance memory, and in general improve brain function to help you to function at your best.

Electrolyte Replenishing Matrix

There are only a few basic electrolytes. But if you lose too many (which happens when you sweat), you can feel faint, dehydrated, and have other serious or annoying side effects or complications including sore muscles. Having more electrolytes in your body can help you to avoid this and enhance and lengthen your workout.

The Verdict

Myonox has a few basic matrices combined into one for powerful and effective results. It has ingredients that are clinically proven to promote powerful results, and this could be the best pre workout supplement when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. But isn’t that a given with anything that could be considered one of the best pre workout supplements?

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  1. I have completed my 1st bottle of Myonox, and I have to say I like it better than Jack3D or C4 for it’s boosting powers. It gives me the tingly/prickly/hot flush sensations that tell me it’s coursing thru my system. My weights have increased over this past month while using this product as well…I see a daily increase in what I can lift.

    April 26, 2011 5:58 pm

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